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"Joy comes in the morning"

“Florence” is an inspiring story of
perseverance, Black sisterhood and classical music.

Inspired by the true story of Florence Price. 

A Black woman and her family are forced out
of their hometown and thrust into the big city where she meets like-minded and equally
talented women who must show the world their musical genius in a white dominated world.

Screenplay by Glenford Noble.


Emotional, cinematic and rooted in determination, Florence is about three unsung heroines of African American classical music. 

Florence Price, Margaret Bonds, and Marian Anderson worked together to create masterpieces of Black American classical expression that broke barriers of sex and race in the 1930s. 


We begin at Little Rock, Arkansas, the home of Florence and her family in the fall of 1927. A Black

man is lynched, followed by a race riot. Florence’s two daughters, Faith and Edith are threatened.

The Price family uproots, and heads northward to Chicago. There she meets Margaret Bonds, who

becomes her student, and soon is introduced to Marian Anderson.

After divorcing her abusive husband Thomas, Florence is devoted to her true purpose - becoming

a composer of classical music. Florence and Margaret begin writing together with support from

Marian. Together they take on the white, male dominated world of classical music.

June 15th 1933: Florence becomes the first recognized Black female composer when her Symphony No. 1 in E Minor is performed by the prestigious Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Florence faces several setbacks along the way. Primarily poor health and discord from teenaged

daughters Edith and Faith. The failure of her second marriage to Pusey Arnett leaves her financially

stranded. Finally, Florence comes to terms with personal tragedy and returns to Little Rock.

Archived letter from aide to First Lady Eleanor Randolph

Florence thrived as part of a  sisterhood of empowerment and musical genius. The screenplay about her life will soon be made for film audiences to be uplifted by her perseverance and triumph.

Reproduction courtesy of the Special Collections of Florence B. Price, University of Arkansas Libraries.


Our Team

The Team Behind  Florence - The Movie 

Screenwriter and producer Glenford Noble brings an experienced team to develop production of "Florence." The team comprises line producers, designers, creative directors, and film promotion experts from across the United States. 

Paul Drescher

  Screenwriter,  Producer and Development Consultant. Managing Executive of Brightguy Films.

Glenford noble

Screenwriter of "Florence." Actor, Writer, and Producer of Sacred Spaces architectural series on public TV in Melbourne, Australia.

staceY alphonso

Writer, Producer, and Unit Publicist for major feature film releases. Member of Women in Film and Colour Entertainment.

Jay cruz

Film and Theater Producer, Award-winning Advertising and Marketing Executive. CEO/Founder of IFT Network.

Lisa bass

Writer, Producer, Publicist, and Digital Content Marketer. Former Member, Independent Feature Project NY, Women in Film & Video, DC Chapter.

Nate raven

Award-Winning Film and Theater Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, and Development Director at IFT Network.

sean logan

Award-Winning Film and Theater Producer, Screenwriter, Actor, and Development Executive at IFT Network.

Jesus sifuentes

Veteran writer, line film producer, and independent feature film distribution representative. President and CEO of Film Business Plans.

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