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Florence Price Creative Composers Contest

Sponsored by Noble Productions, producers of "Florence,"
the movie about the life and times of composer Florence Beatrice Price.

Rules and Submissions


  1. The music competition is open to all composers of any age and cultural background.

  2. The instrumental-only composition submissions should reflect at least 3 contrasting music styles. The collective music samples are required to be no more than 40 minutes in length. 

  3. All submissions must be original and inspired by works of Florence Price.  

  4.  Composers must submit a total of three works, (pieces, songs). One composition that will be submitted is an original work and it is inspired by Florence Price. Influences may be based on her cultural history, her written music such as her thematic, rhythmic, or harmonic language, the music she may have been exposed to, music that she may have been influenced by her heritage, or music that expresses the contestant’s thoughts on Florence Price.  This composition should not exceed 12 minutes.The submissions are accepted as an audio file only.

  5. The remaining two works to be submitted will be previously completed works to allow the judges to learn of the breadth of the contestant’s writing should there be a need to expound upon the Price-influenced composition. The complete submission of all three works should not exceed 40 minutes.

  6. No video performances are permitted, and no personal identification of the contestant can be revealed on any link or it will be disqualified.

  7. The submission must either be a live performance or a file as an MP3 from a Sibelius or Finale or another notational program with the ability to have it recorded live should it be chosen. Submissions may be submitted as a YouTube link or a Google Drive link only.

  8. Submission deadline is November 1 at 11:59 PM (EST). Winners will be announced December 18.  

  9. "Florence" producer, Noble Productions, reserves the right to publicize the names of the top  three winning entries.

  10. Noble Productions will not sell or share entries with any third party in connection with the contest without prior approval.

  11. Composers of all entries retain all rights to their compositions and are encouraged to copyright their work with ASCAP or other licensing platform prior to submission.

  12. Winners will be notified prior to the announcement and premiere on the website. 

      Still have questions?  Email us at

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